A free community information resource provided by the Calhoun County Library


The Calhoun Connects Directory provides a free listing to businesses and organizations that meet the following criteria and provide goods, services, support and/or tax dollars that support the local economy. 

A business listing can be set up for many different types of businesses that are majority owned by Calhoun County residents and/or located in Calhoun County. For example:

  • Brick & mortar stores such as retail shops, or restaurants
  • Professional local service providers like accountants, real estate agents, housekeeping, or HVAC repair
  • Independent contractors selling as part of an incentive sales program, (such as Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Paparazzi, Scentsy, etc.) or selling for a business
  • Individuals who make homemade or hobby goods
  • Individuals who provide casual services for extra income, such as car wash services, landscaping assistance, or pet sitting. 

You may only have one business profile per business location; If your business has multiple locations, you should create separate profiles for each location.

Businesses offering franchising, investment, or multi-level marketing financial opportunities are not eligible to be listed on Calhoun Connects. 

An organization listing may be set up for many types of organizations located in Calhoun County or that have Calhoun County in their officially designated service area. For example:

  • Community arts, education, and service organizations
  • Sports organizations that provide recreation opportunities for Calhoun County residents
  • Homeschool organizations with Calhoun County members
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations


Contact Kristen ksimensen@calhouncountylibrary.org, or call at the Library 1-803-874-3389.