Our Story

The mission of Calhoun Connects is to help Calhoun County residents to foster awareness, belonging, and community. The Calhoun County Library is facilitating this project in order to help enhance the quality of life here by engaging, educating, equipping, and empowering our diverse community.

Calhoun Connects was started as a result of input provided by residents and business owners in our county during six strategic planning sessions. There were several important needs that were identified in the community that Calhoun Connects can provide:

We heard...

  1. The need for an information channel that reaches the entire county. 
    • It's hard for lot of people to know what's going on across the county.
    • It can be hard for community organizations to choose dates and get the word out to people about events.
    • It's hard for new residents to meet people and plug in to the community.
    • Limited community participation and support affects organizational impact.  
    • It currently takes a lot of time and effort to find out what is happening across the county. 
  1. The need for better support of local businesses.
    • Sadness and fear for people and our future as a result of the loss of our main grocery store.
    • Lack of support for local businesses hurts owners, employees and their families, and the local tax base that funds essential services.
    • Local businesses provide financial support for local organizations, sports clubs, and important causes, but it's tough to do that if they don't have local customers.
  1. The need for quality of life amenities to attract and retain families.
    • Concerns about an aging population and outmigration of youth that leave for college.
    • Perceptions of a lack of things to do for youth and families and frustration about missing out on what is happening. 
    • However, members of each community say there are a lot of great events and natural assets that people just don't know about.
  1. Need for a greater sense of pride and involvement in the community. 
    • We heard concerns about litter and the need for beautification and revitalization.
    • We heard the need for new members in community service organizations.
    • We heard concerns about poverty and the need to work together to raise the community up and support organizations addressing needs in Calhoun County.
    • We heard the need for community conversation around points of pride, because there are many things that Calhoun County has to be proud of.

Calhoun Connects is not a Chamber of Commerce, a platform for political advocacy, or a public forum. It is a community-directed effort with plans to be a non-profit entity in the coming months, eventually bringing information to anyone that signs up to get text messages. This information resource hopes to help you plug in, know what's going on, connect with others, and learn about the many things that make our County a great place. 

If you have a business or organization that shares our vision of a strong, vibrant, diverse community, please join our directory and post events that are open to the public. If you would like to make a donation to support this work, please contact Kristen at the Library at 803-874-3389 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact Kristen ksimensen@calhouncountylibrary.org, or call at the Library 1-803-874-3389.